Saturday, February 8, 2014

Writing That One Great Book Inside You!

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Now you have been saving your ideas and you find yourself going back to one that really intrigues you. This is the one you should write. Now comes the best part, the part that I call - discovery.


You begin to think of it as a story- never think of it as a book. You are telling a story.


Who is the main character? Who is telling the story, the main character, a lesser character or someone who is just a bystander, like yourself, observing and telling your wonderful story?

What is he or she trying to do or say? Where is the conflict in their life?

They should want to do something or want something and someone or something is trying to stop them.


Conflict can be real simple. A girl wants to be a boxer but her parents won't allow it. A woman falls in love with her neighbor but they are both already married- a built in conflict. Don't dwell on your conflict just remember that stories need it to make it interesting.


Then tell yourself the story, walk yourself through it. Ask yourself where does it take place? What time of the year? Does it make sense as you pull it all together?

Don't rush your discovery process. It is the dessert. Think it all the way through. I once had a main character who lived in Wisconsin and one winter day she takes a walk. Later on in the book she was wearing t-shirt and sandals. She drives into the parking garage in a blue truck and drives out in a red truck. Things like that will take your reader out of your story quicker than anything else. Keep working on discovery and writing down other potential stories in your cheap journal book. You are now moving towards being a writer.


People agonize for years about writing that one great book. Well it is like saying I want to learn to cook but first I want to prepare that one great dish.


Just start telling stories, write them down. Short stories, novellas books anything just write and keep at it every day. I love writing short stories and just recently published a book on my favorites titled- Box of Chocolates. When I didn’t have a lot of time or was between novels I would write short stories. You will be amazed at how good you can actually write but you must just keep doing it. Try it you'll like it.


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